Tamper Resistant Outlet vs. Regular Outlet

Tamper Resistant Outlets Pflugerville. Generally defined, tamper-resistant outlets are designed to function in a manner similar to a more traditional electrical outlet; however, this type of outlet features a built-in safety mechanism, which works to prevent electricity from powering anything that ends up getting stuck into the outlet that otherwise shouldn’t be there. Tamper-resistant outlets can also greatly decrease the potential for suffering electrical shocks. Additionally, they are also a rather necessary and effective way to ensure that you and your family are always protected from any and all dangers that involve electricity.

Here are some of the most common questions that are asked regarding these outlets.

*What exactly is a tamper-resistant outlet? These types of outlets contain spring-loaded shutters that close off all the contact openings of the outlet itself. Whenever a plug is inserted into the outlet, both springs are then compressed before the shutters then open, which enables the metal prongs to make contact in order to create an electrical circuit. Since both springs are required to be compressed at the same time, the shutters won’t open whenever a child attempts to insert something into a single contact opening, meaning that there will be no contact made with electricity.

*Why are tamper-resistant outlets required? According to statistics, approximately 2,400 children are severely shocked and burned every year as a result of inserting items into electrical outlet slots. The estimation is that there are a total of between 6 and 12 child death per year, all of which are related to this exact type of incident.

How to Defeat Tamper-Resistant Outlets

*Are tamper-resistant outlets required in homes if a homeowner doesn’t have a child? The simple answer to this question is yes. This is because when it comes to homes, owners and tenants change on a frequent basis. Additionally, exposure to incidents such as electric shocks and burns are never limited to a home that has one or more children. Many homeowners have younger relatives who visit them on a regular basis, which means that requiring tamper-resistant outlets in all new homes is a measure that will ensure the safety of children, regardless of whether or not they live in the home itself.

*Tamper Resistant Outlets Pflugerville. Why are tamper-resistant outlets more preferable over products like outlets with caps or outlet covers that slide? When it comes to outlets with caps, the caps themselves can end up getting lost, as well as being a potential choking hazard for younger children. Whenever children watch their parents around outlets with sliding covers, they can easily learn how to defeat them. Tamper-resistant outlets are designed to provide an additional amount of security against inserting objects other than plugs into the more energized parts of the outlet.