Tamper Resistant Outlet Pflugerville. If you’re considering replacing electrical outlets in your home with ones that are tamper resistant, it’s important that you first make note of the process involved prior to starting any work. Additionally, it’s equally as important that you do as much research as possible prior to starting this kind of work, and in the event that you don’t feel comfortable, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to complete this project for you.

Here are the steps involved with replacing an electrical outlet with a tamper resistant outlet to make note of.

*First and foremost, begin with shutting off all power to the circuit that the outlet is on. In the event that you may be unsure as to which breaker to turn off, consider plugging in a radio and turning up the volume as loud as possible. The music will then turn off whenever you find that you’ve cut power to the correct breaker.

*Next, remove the plate to the outlet that will be replaced. To do this, simply remove the screw that holds the plate in place before then removing the plate itself.

*The next step is to free the outlet. Using a drill, loosen the screws that hold the outlet in place before then removing the outlet from the box.

*From there, use a voltage tester to test the total voltage of the wires in the outlet. This is often done in order to double-check that there aren’t any live wires.

*Next, remove all wires from the old outlet. These wires can either be cut off or unscrewed. If you decide to cut the ends of the wire, keep in mind that you will need to re-strip approximately half an inch of the jacket from the end before then creating a loop.

*The next step is to loop each wire. This is something that should be done from the old outlet around each corresponding screw on the new outlet before then tightening it.

*From there, you will then need to secure the outlet back into place. This involves pushing the wires back into the box and securing the new outlet.

*Tamper Resistant Outlet Pflugerville. Next, you will then need to reattach the face place before then turning the power back on and using an outlet tester in order to ensure that everything is wired correctly.