Short Circuit Repair Pflugerville. Many homeowners experience issues such as tripped circuit breakers even after the breaker itself has been reset. Oftentimes, this can lead to one thinking that the main cause of something like this is a short circuit in your home’s electrical system, which is actually the most common cause. Thankfully, troubleshooting something like this is something that can be easy if the issue involved in an easy-to-access location.

Here are the steps involved with fixing short circuits in your home’s electrical system.

*First, make sure that you are able to locate the short that’s in your line. This can be done using a circuit tracer transmitter and receiver, even if the shorted lines are located behind a wall. Once you locate the damage in your system, be sure to turn off the primary breaker before continuing on with the repair process.

*Next is to expose the short wire. This will need to be removed from the breaker panel before then being pulled from the outlet. Once this is done, attach a flexible wire to the breaker end so that it can be later returned by simply pulling on this wire. When the cable has been totally pulled out, check for any and all damage. If you notice burn marks on the majority of its length, you will need to replace it with an entirely new line.

*Next, repair the line that has been shorted. Use a wirecutter to cut off the damaged wire before then stripping a section of both ends of the remaining wire with a size that will fit well into your butt connector. From there, cut a new section of wire that measures about as long as the damaged wire that has been removed. Connect the newer wire to your existing cables, utilizing the butt connector for strength.

*Short Circuit Repair Pflugerville. Finally, return the wire to its location and turn the breaker back on. Once the shorted wire has been repaired, it will then be able to be returned to its original location. Pull on the flexible wire that had previously been attached at the breaker side until you reach the repaired cable. From there, connect it to the circuit breaker and turn the breaker on when you’re sure that everything has been done correctly.

It should also be noted that if you, in any way, do not feel comfortable attempting this type of task on your own, do not hesitate to contact a licensed professional in your area to handle it.