GFCI Outlet Installation

GFCI outlets, short for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, are designed to protect against the risk of electrical shock. The installation of GCFI outlets can help to provide a more inexpensive solution to not only preventing electrical shock, but also offering an additional bonus of getting your home up to more modern building code standards as well.

These kinds of outlets are typically required in areas of a home such as the following:


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
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These outlets are designed to help protect from electrical hazards by monitoring the overall amount of electricity that flows in a single circuit, and the moment the outlet itself detects any imbalance in an electric flow, the GCFI will cut off the outlet’s power.

There are many older homes that have been without GCFI outlets for quite some time, which unfortunately puts the occupants of these homes at an increased risk of suffering from electrical shock. Thankfully, the experienced professionals at Dyezz Electrical can help correct this very issue by installing these outlets and ensuring that the homes and their occupants are safe for years to come.

GFCI outlet installation