Electrical Service Repair & Upgrades

There are many people who currently live in homes that were originally constructed decades ago, which means that a lot of these homes currently have electrical systems that aren’t able to meet all of today’s current needs.

Thankfully, an experienced Dyezz Electrical professional can help to ensure that your home is as safe as possible, as well as perform the necessary electrical service upgrades that you need in order to increase how much power comes into the home itself.

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Do you need Electrical Service Repair or Upgrades?


If any of the following factors currently applies to your home, contact Dyezz Electrical:

  • Constantly flickering lights whenever you turn on any major appliances
  • Circuit breakers constantly tripping
  • Fuses often blowing
  • Electric panel overheating
  • Always needing to use too many extension cords
electrical service upgrades