Electrical Panel Repair & Upgrades

Whether you need electrical installations and repairs for your business, or a simple circuit breaker upgrade, taking advantage of the services of an experienced professional at Dyezz Electrical can ensure that everything is fully up to code.

Some of the most common wiring and circuit upgrades that we complete include the following:

  • 120V switches and plugs
  • Upgrading electrical panels
  • Installing recess cans
  • Replacing circuit breakers
  • Repairing and replacing aluminum wiring
  • Replacing ballasts
  • Additional sub-panels
  • 3-phase wiring
  • Repairing and replacing underground wiring
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Many of the most common business and home lighting services that Dyezz Electrical performs include the following:

electrical panel repair
  • Security/indoor/outdoor lighting
  • Retrofitting of LED lighting
  • Repairing and installation of lighting
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Maintenance of office lighting
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Arc fault circuit breakers
  • Equipment circuits and hookups
  • Replacing and installing ceiling fans
  • 120V smoke detectors