Commercial Electrical Construction

When it comes to construction on a small to large scale, a company such as Dyezz Electrical always takes the time necessary to evaluate each and every project in order to determine whether or not it properly fits within the overall scope of work.

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Dyezz Electrical offers the following commercial construction services:

Commercial Electrical Construction
  • Taking on the role of a Construction Manager in order to manage the overall project from start to finish as part of the company also taking on the role of an owner’s representative.
  • Providing a much more competitive bid to the client, thereby enabling clients to have the ability to compare construction costs between different companies.
  • Commercial design-build, which is a collaborative method that has a single point of contact that manages the design, construction, and conclusion of the project itself.
  • Commercial pre-construction and cost estimating services, which enables Dyezz Electrical to be fully equipped to offer various consulting services for the actual pre-construction phase. Additionally, we also work to create conceptual estimates that are able to be achieved using the available construction budget.