Circuit Breaker Replacement

Generally speaking, circuit breakers typically don’t need to be replaced; however, there will be occasions where a circuit breaker will malfunction, which can result in a circuit breaker replacement being needed. Many residential homes have a main circuit breaker as well as separate branch circuit breakers that are designed to connect to separate areas of the home.

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If a circuit breaker replacement is required in your home, these steps will need to be followed:

*Begin by turning off all branch circuit breakers before then turning off the main circuit breaker. At no time should you ever assume that the breakers themselves are already off, as you will need to check for voltage on all adjacent breakers in order to ensure that the breaker panel is dead.

*Remove the panel cover, which will provide you with access to branch circuit breakers but not the main breaker compartment. Never make any attempt to remove the main breaker cover – this should only be done by a professional, such as an experienced Dyezz Electrical technician.

*Disconnect the wire from the faulty breaker before then getting it out of the way. Then, carefully pry out the defective breaker before then inserting the new one.

*While the panel is still open, check all other branch circuits to ensure that they are properly in place and tighten any parts that are loose. Put the panel back into place and ensure all switches are in the “off” position. Turn the main breaker back on, then flip each individual branch breaker separately. Additionally, test all circuits to ensure that they stay set and work properly.

If you feel that any further assistance is required with a circuit breaker replacement, don’t hesitate to contact Dyezz Electrical.

Circuit Breaker Replacement